Bank RIA

The Bank RIA

Customized, empathetic,best-in-class financial and retirement planning for your institution

Our Bank Registered Investment Advisor

At Coastal Capital, we’re providing community banks with a turnkey solution that enhances the services you offer to your customers and those not yet customers, while building a truly exciting business.

This is NOT simply an investment Program!

The Benefits

Your Bank

  • Recurring non-interest income
  • Increased ROA (10, 20 perhaps 30 basis points annually)
  • Valuation enhancement-ownership of a business that is valued separately from your bank
  • Expanded and loyal relationships with customers-personal and commercial
  • Continuation and enhancement of the customer experience once the “loan is paid in full”
  • Enhanced demand for commodity bank products
  • Intergenerational customer transition –maintaining relationships through the generations
  • Contributing to the financial well-being and retirement clarity of your customers and your communities

Your Customers

Most importantly-a clear path to and through a comfortable retirement and objective advice. Your customers will benefit from a plan, a portfolio, and guidance to stick with the plan. All provided by your advisors!

This is not a product sale. This is a high level professional advisory service-designed for and delivered to your customers and offered to those who aren’t yet customers.

A relationship with a true fiduciary-your customers will have the confidence knowing their interests are the advisor’s ONLY priority

Your Employees

Confidence knowing that they’ve contributed to the well-being of the customers they’ve served for so long!

Exciting alternative career paths

Personal retirement clarity-they’ve taken care of their customers-they’ll be able to plan for themselves!